What is ARTSask.ca?

ARTSask is a project partnership for online line learning about art and artists

  • Thank you to Canadian Heritage and the Partnerships Fund for Canadian Culture Online, for their contribution to making the vision of this partnership a reality.
  • The ARTSask project is possible because of the cooperation and investment in a partnership that includes the University of Regina, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, the Mendel Art Gallery and the MacKenzie Art Gallery. They have formed a team to create ARTSask.ca for online learning about art and artists.

ARTSask is designed to showcase Saskatchewan and Canadian visual art

  • ARTSask is a collaboratively developed project created to showcase Saskatchewan and Canadian visual art, drawing from the existing collections of the MacKenzie and Mendel Art Galleries, two major public galleries of Saskatchewan.

ARTSask.ca shares and promotes our collective cultural heritage

  • ARTSask presents theme-based, content-related and interactive online learning about visual art and artists in two languages, English and French.
  • These online materials are designed to promote our collective cultural heritage and share the artwork, ideas and lives of contemporary Saskatchewan and Canadian artists.
  • ARTSask is intended to address a broad audience comprised of students at all levels and the general public.
  • ARTSask is a unique opportunity for positive engagement with Saskatchewan and Canadian youth.
  • ARTSask.ca offers support for teachers in their efforts to provide learners with access to contemporary visual art collections, using extensions of Saskatchewan’s online K-12 visual arts curriculum.
  • ARTSask offers cross-curricular link.

ARTSask provides universal access to major Canadian visual art learning resources

  • This online project provides an opportunity for comprehensive community access to rich unparalleled visual arts resources.
  • Although initiated locally, the resulting ARTSask project resources are universally accessible through the Internet.
  • ARTSask provides every person in every community that has online capacity (local, provincial, national and international), with direct, complementary access to major Canadian visual art learning resources from the collections of the two primary public galleries of Saskatchewan.
  • The ARTSask project presents the development of 26 themes based on the collections of the Mendel and MacKenzie Art galleries.
  • These themes reflect the intriguing stories, lives and times of Canadian artists and serve as a valuable resource to the internationally recognized Saskatchewan Arts Education Curriculum.


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