Grant McConnell

About the Artist

Grant McConnell was born in 1958 in York County, Ontario. His interest in history was prompted in part when his family traveled to Montreal, Quebec for Expo 67.

US Pvailion “I was nine, and starting to get interested in the world,” McConnell recalls of his visit to the World’s Fair. “To see the German Pavilion, the Swiss Pavilion, the big, brash American Pavilion – it was a delight.” (Beatty, 2002) While he was still a teenager McConnell joined the nationalist Committee for an Independent Canada (now the Council of Canadians) and he fondly remembers initiatives in the 1960s designed to “Canadianize” the country’s institutions and industries.

After high-school McConnell hitchhiked west, running out of money in Edmonton, Alberta. He got a job, and fell in love with the western landscape. McConnell studied Fine Arts at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, but returned west after he graduated. He has lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan since 1981. He completed a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1994.

Canadian historical themes are central to McConnell’s work. He still worries about American domination of Canada’s cultural and economic life. “I’m concerned that we don’t know what we’re losing. We live in a wealthy place. It may be a diminishing wealth,” says McConnell, “but we have a good standard of living. But over the last fifteen years, there’s been this erosion. Eventually, you reach a point of no return, and you become a First World banana republic.” (Beatty, 2002)

McConnell has worked as the  curatorAn individual or group, who conceives an idea for an art exhibition, selects the art works, plans how they will be displayed and writes accompanying supporting materials for the ideas presented. A curator can work freelance or be affiliated with a gallery, and serves as the link between artists and gallery.  of the University of Saskatchewan Art Collection, and he teaches Canadian Art History at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. He also lectures in art and art history at St. Peter’s College in Muenster, Saskatchewan, near Saskatoon. McConnell’s work is represented in many public, corporate, and private collections in Canada.

Errant Dogs, Cannington Manor
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