Martha Cole - An Art Maker and a Culture Maker

I think of myself as being both an art maker and a culture maker.  And I think of them as being two quite different things.  As an art maker I make images that go out there in the world.  As a culture maker, as a woman who lives here, I think I spend a lot of my creative energy making sure that other women learn to celebrate and love and are proud of the things that they do with their hands and with their fabric, and that they’re part of a long and honourable tradition there.  I think my rootedness to the land here also is immediately reflective in both the subjects and in how I go about things.  I don’t think about my work in terms of art theory or in terms of placing it within the art world.  I think about where does my artwork fit, how does it reflect in this world, in the world in which I live, and for me also in the greater world of the cosmos.  And I feel it’s important for me to give that perspective, as who I am – a woman, a middle-aged woman living in rural Saskatchewan.

Duration: 1:51 min
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