Martha Cole - Elemental Series

The culmination of my latest set of mandala pieces resulted in five pieces being done based on the Chinese elements of earth, air, fire, water and wood.  They were four feet by four feet.  They each represented, by the use of their intense colour and the associations of those colours with emotional and psychological and spiritual aspects, those particular Chinese elements.  The one we’re talking about here is Elemental Blue - Water, and in this piece I reference the planet Earth as the water planet.  Again, there’s that circular image – we do live on a circular planet that circles in the cosmos, and it is hopefully a sense of the swirling water and the jewel that we are against a deep black, indigo background.  Each of the pieces had a very distinctive set of colours or a set of images.  The wood one is reflective of the rings of a tree, and it’s orange which is the traditional colour for wood, and it just expands out.  The Elemental Red - Fire is a whole series of radiating beams coming up from a set of circular flame…highly stitched flame images right in the middle, representative of sun and heat.  The Elemental Green – Earth piece, I was thinking about all of the interconnectedness of all the different aspects and the biodiversity that make up the planet, and so what I’ve done is I have illustrated one of those intricacies of that net and that interconnectedness and so there is a strong vibrant centre with radiating avenues or connections coming out from it.  And the colour there was green, for ecology and for the greenness of our planet.  I don’t think I did an “air” one.  After all of that, there wasn’t an “air” one there.  We’ll just have to show the four of the five.  Sorry about that folks…that’s it…that’s all.  Damn artists…you just can’t count on them to do things the right way! (laughing)

Duration: 3:24 min
Size: 15038kb

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