Martha Cole - Her Process of Quilting

Up until recently when I was going about a work, I would find a location or some place that intrigued me or that spoke to me in one way or other, I would go and do some drawings of that spot, and then I would take a whole roll of film just to give me all the close-up references for when I got back to my studio.  I then go back to my studio, I come up with a large-scale, full-scale sketch of it…I like to work…four, six, eight feet, is my preferred size range.  Then I would…once I had my drawing, I then actually start with unbleached cotton, so I mottle and create all the different textures and variations of colours for all the different parts of whatever my image is, and then I start cutting those apart and assembling them, either like a collage or like a jigsaw puzzle, layering them all down.  And then I use free-motion stitching to embellish and integrate all of that.  I often sometimes use some coloured pencils all over the work, again to help integrate the different fabrics and make it all feel like one large image.  Once that’s all done, I then think about adding borders, and often I do, again because that references my quilting tradition and the fabric tradition that I’m working within.  And then I set that up, add battings behind that, and another backing, and I quilt the whole surface.  And that now is being done on a very large industrial machine called the long-arm quilter.  Now, for the last couple of years, I have now started using digital imagery so that…again, I’m using that imagery in a different way in that I’ve gotten very interested in textures.  I’m wanting to show the complexity of the world in which we live.  So I’m doing quite a lot of close-ups and quite detailed, large-scale digital images which I’m now having printed commercially to again the same four, six, eight-foot range.  And with those, once I’ve got that…I do do some of those by cutting them apart and rearranging them, other times I‘m always using the fabric paint to intensify and enrich areas of them, and then I stitch, and then I quilt.

Duration: 3:06 min
Size: 13073kb

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