Martha Cole - How She Went from Sculpture to Fabric

I fell in love with Henry Moore when I was in high school, and I was determined to be a sculptor who carved wood, and I was just going to be the Henry Moore of Canada as far as I was concerned.  And I really wanted to do carved organic wood sculptures.  And so that was the thing that determined where I went to school, was finding a university that would have a really elaborate and good sculpture department with all the facilities that are possible for sculpture.  Consequently I ended up in Seattle and I went to the University of Washington.  When I came back to Canada, I ended up in an apartment in Toronto, and that was a completely inappropriate location to be doing any kind of sculptural work.  What I had was a sewing machine, so I simply started sewing because it was the equipment that I had available to me.  And so for me I was quite surprised to find myself working in fabric, because it’s certainly not a media that you ever experience when you are at a formal art institution.  But it was the one that I was drawn to, perhaps because it was so malleable.  I’d been doing welded steel sculpture, and then there I was suddenly working with a fabric which was so flexible and so responsive - it was just a very different feeling to try to be creative with.

Duration: 1:50 min
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