Have a look at the world’s best custom hoodies and t-shirts, what do they have in common? We experience new fashion trends frequently. In recent years, custom T-shirt printing has often been trending. Marketers have known the power of T-shirts in marketing thus, making use of them during promotions or advertisements. This has led to an increase in demand for custom t-shirts, as well as the custom t-shirt printing business.

Clothing yourself with a t-shirt you have made makes you feel good. Custom t-shirts are a unique way of making your products and services known.

Thus, this piece provides you 15 pro tips for creating the best t-shirt design

Get to know why you may need a t-shirt

Companies have different objectives that each wants to achieve. You need to have a precise reason to design a custom t-shirt for your brand. It could be for sales promotions, leave behind, or to promote internal unity or brand values.

Know your Audience

Before coming up with a custom t-shirt design, you need first to identify your target market, the online social networks they belong to, their hobbies and interests, and whether they are passionate about buying your products.

Come up with a timeline, quantity, and budget

A company needs to determine the amount of money it is planning to use in designing custom t-shirts. It should also determine the printing method and the time these custom t-shirts should be designed.

Choose the type of t-shirt

T-shirts are always available in different styles, which include the long-sleeves, polo necks, short sleeves, and round necks. Note that the design of the t-shirt you choose determines the various design options.

Choose good fabric

You need to note that t-shirt designs are not produced equally; it also depends on the quality of the material of your shirts. For example, screen printing and DTG prefer cotton fabric, while transfer and sublimation printing prefers polyester.

Get the right size

Big designs are fit for small-sized t-shirts while small designs are not visible on big t-shirts.

Select a theme color

The Color used in custom t-shirt design acts as a mode of communication. The hues, shades, and tints of each color show an emotional association. Thus, graphic designers have many options that you could choose from to send the right message.

Determine the placement of the design on a t-shirt

Where Should the design be placed? All around your t-shirt, top left, or at the center? The likes of your target market determine this. However, if you are designing a t-shirt for a company, it is better to place the design at the center.

Choose right typography

After knowing where to place the design, you also need to identify the designer to do your work, the font to use, and the newest trend. The font is also a mode of communicating.

Know your printing options

You can decide to use DTG printing, dye sublimation, screen printing, or heat printing

Find a designer

You need an expert in designing your t-shirt. Since the world has become a global community, you need to look for a designer in various platforms such as the design hill.

Evaluate your design

Ensure your design is in line with your budget and that it will help you achieve your objectives.

Get the files from the designer

You need to get all the files from the designer and design some formats such as the EPS, Al file, and PDF

Find a printer

In this case, you need to take note of hidden charges, ask the t-shirt maker whether you can view various samples of the work he has done; that is to ensure you also get some press proof.

Be ahead of the game

Make sure that your t-shirts are based on the latest fashion trend.


In conclusion, t-shirt printing is one of the fastest-growing art. Many companies have shown great interest in it and are incorporating it as part of their marketing activities.

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