Arts Ask was created in 1990 with the aim of showcasing Ontario as a four-season travel destination both locally and internationally. We have expertise in international marketing and research, hence we provide comprehensive promotional and advertising campaigns for business and tourism operators so that they can reach their target market with ease. By tapping into Arts Ask, both small and large businesses in all markets will have access to exciting opportunities.

Arts Ask’s Mandate

We at Art Ask aim to create dynamic marketing products and initiatives that will enhance tourism revenue. We are also mandated to increase the marketing resources that are available to tourism operators in Ontario.

Arts Ask’s Media Relations Services

The goal of Arts Ask’s media relations services is to organize tours and events in order to communicate the experiences of Ontario to accredited media. The team also offers useful tools and ideas to broadcasters and travel writers who want to learn about Ontario as a travel destination.

Arts Ask’s Travel Trade Services

The goal of Arts Ask’s travel trade services is to help expand the marketing network for tourism operators with Ontario travel products that are market-ready. This team is always looking forward to hearing about new Ontario travel experiences.

Arts Ask’s Creative Production Services

At Arts Ask, we offer resources such as videos and a library of footages to give familiarisation of Ontario’s different regions. These resources are aimed to help the media when they are covering Ontario as a travel destination.